Articles and Essays

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Photo Credit: Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen by Sung Rno at Sam-il-ro Changgo Theatre, Produced by 719 Production,  May 1, 2009- June 28, 2009. Directed by Lee Breuer. Photographer: Jong-Hyun Suh  (gavi studio). Cast: Chang-Soo Lee, Dong-Ruk Shin, So-Jin Kim, Young-Jun Im 

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Photo Credit: lê thi diem thúy (thúy lê), the bodies between us, New WORLD Theater. 1998.

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Photo Credit: Wayne Lee (Jimmy Kim) in Cleveland Raining directed by Barbara Sellers-Young and Karen Shimakawa at the University of California, Davis. Photo: Jim Von Rummelhoff.

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Photo Credit: Haunani Minn, Yuki Shimoda, Jim Ishida, and Josie Pepito Kim in “And the Soul Shall Dance,” East West Players, 1974]

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Photo Credit: Willa Kim photographed in March 1973. Photo by Jack Mitchell/Getty Images.

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Photo Credit: Jean Yoon, photo by Tim Leyes

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“Ommah” by Nam June Paik, National Gallery of Art. 2005. Photo by Esther Kim Lee

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Photo Credit: Winston Tong, Bound Feet. 1977. La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. Photo by Sylvia Plachy